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Shillong was the capital of Assam during British empire in India before independence and remained after that until 1972. After becoming the capital of  state Meghalaya which was formed after 1972, it rapidly grows and was developed into a typical modern Indian town, but it still retained some of its colonial-era charm in certain pockets.This city is situated at an altitude of 1496 m above the sea level. It remained the capital of Assam, before the formation of Meghalaya in the 1974.After becoming the state capital the place, the people and the climate all gets combined together to create an amiable atmosphere and made Shillong an ideal best tourist destinations among the world throughout the whole year.
As Shillong being most admired tourist destination in India, it is famous for its natural beauty and sight-seeing. Combined with various traditional foods, dresses, places Shillong is also famous for its games and sports. In previous year 2016, the South Asian Games were also held at Guwahati and Shillong from period of 5 February to 16 February of year 2016. Rather than sports Shillong very much famous for its traditional games out which This game is most admired and played.

History Of Shillong Teer Game

The game was traditionally known as “Thoh Tim”. During early 20th century this game was in its beginner stage. The people from different localities gather weekly in groups or in clubs from different villages to play archery matches which were further grown into archery contests. After the passage of time these contests of archery developed into tournaments of archery. Due to this growth in Teer Game and earning huge capital through this, the unique system of adapting the results with requirements the method of gambling was also discovered and was emerged in large scale. As the gambling is prohibited in almost all parts of the world, this game was failed to get its recognition around globe that it deserves. Later, after time goes around this game finally reach its top and receives recognition and was registered by the State Government in year 1982. From that year this game is legalised till now and develops very rapidly. Now this game also have received online presence on internet. This enables the people to book tickets online rather buying tickets.

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Shillong Teer Method for Creating a Bow & Arrow

For playing the Teer game one must have a perfectly designed Bow & Arrow. This is the basic step for beginning of Teer Game. In this i will teach you how to make Bow & Arrow from wilderness material or simply at home.
  1. The First step to make it that you must choose an appropriate tree or type of wood which must be flexible so that it can be used for making a full powered stretchable bow that has high tendency to push the arrow from it at very high velocity.The wood must not be weaker that it may broke during the more pulling of bow for greater distance.
  2. The wood piece is made to a strong thin stick which is sharp from its one end and is rounded in shape. The other end of the arrow must blunt and narrow so as to make its hold on the string of bow.
  3. For making a bow the long stick of wood is taken which is little broader than arrow stick that must be stronger enough to face tensions during pulling and pushing.
  4. The stick is then bend from both the sides and is tied up with very thin and strong string of metal. The string is tied to such a way that the wooden stick must be bend and looks like 180 degree angle.
  5. The material for the game is finally ready for use.

Teer Game Rules

These are very important guidelines that is stated in each every game before playing and are very essential to know to every contestant taking part in the contest. These rules are same for every contestant taking part in a same game. Earlier, before legalisation of this game, there were different-different rules in different origins with respect to different clubs of locates or villages.

1. Time Limit-  The maximum time given to shoot an arrow is 2 minutes for 3 ends and for 6 ends the maximum time given is 4 minutes.
2. No other accessories or equipments are allowed to use during gameplay that may result in defeating the opponent through unfair means.
3. Contestants taking part in game are not allowed to raise the earlier than the signal is given.(if they do so then it will be counted as foul or the contestant may also be disqualified from the match).
4. During the shot if the arrow drops or misfires it is strictly prohibited to take re-shot at any circumstances.
5. The arrow that is rebounded or hangs from the target is still counted for the score based on the mark it makes on the target face.
6. During gameplay, if the contestant’s equipment gets damaged, the player can request the judge for its replacement and may also have time extra allowances.

How To Play Game or simply Formula for playing Shillong Teer

This game is similar to archery gameplay but has little difference that is of bidding or gambling done through the numbers. In this para i am going to explain you about this game that how it is played and with which factors it is different from the archery. The archery game is simply the shooting of arrows perfectly at the particular point of the given targets in given time.But during this game the targets are placed with numbers on which the whole game is depend.The time system is similar to the archery that the teer must be fired in time given.During the firing of the teer audience bids on the numbers when the tier is fired from the bow, and on which number the arrow or teer hits at target the number chosen by the lucky contestant of bidding wins.

Safety Guidelines or Precautions for the Gameplay Of Shillong Teer

This game similar to the archery and is legalised sport so it comes with various safety precautions that a contestant must keep in his mind for the safety of its own and others also watching the gameplay. As this game is highly popular and these game events are highly crowded with people  This is the part of a shooting game which may adversely affect the safety of player and others watching the game. Besides the archery this game has a another features of earning money through gambling or bidding which may lead to various illegal or fraud activities being made with strangers watching or attending the tournament for the first time. For the better and safe gameplay, here i have suggested some of the safety tips that may help in enjoying the game at its best.

  1. The basic thing for an archer or player to keep in mind is to have have complete check over all its equipment's so as to prevent there damage during gameplay. Few basic things string, bow stick must be noticed for any fletches in it which may lead the bow to broke or signs of fraying in the string which may lead to its loose tension and breakage.
  2. Proper dress or clothing must seared by the player which doesn't creates any disturbance during the match. Avoid any kind jewellery items or any other accessories that comes in the way of string.
  3. Before beginning the shooting an archer must watch the range carefully that whether it is clear or not.
  4. During shooting archer must be very aware of the time that is meant for gameplay and the archer must always shoot at same time and in same directions as others.
  5. Always follow the instructions given by the referee during shooting and scoring.
  6. Each and every further step must be done after seeking the permission first like pulling of arrows from the target.
  7. The bidders or gamblers must be very aware of fraud activities which are being made by others for looting the strangers or the first time audience. You must beware of information and personal bias.

Shillong Teer Game Earnings or the Prizes Won through this Contest

This game event is very popular in Shillong and opened various ways to earn money for the people through it. Unlike other archery games it not only give income to the the players but as well as to the audience also through the gambling business. Besides this it has opened new ways of earning money to the local community of Shillong by selling accessories for the game play. It helped in the upliftment of the large scale as well as small scale business people. As it is legalized by the state government the gamblers had huge income source through it. The prizes given to the contestants are of high value due to more people’s interest towards the game. As this game has now popular on internet the online business of selling tickets is very rapidly growing and giving high profit to the developers of various running websites about that. These tournaments can be seen as fest which help in earning of each and every hand doing work for or in the contest. Online gambling has made this game highly profitable and the person can win exciting prizes daily through mode of internet. Prizes ranges from various gadgets to the huge sum of money. During the day of different Indian festivals like Deepavali, Dussehra, etc. this game is highly popular on internet and is the great time for the online gamblers to win prizes by placing bids or the target numbers. Various different contests are being held side by side to make this game more attractive and profitable.
The main and basic truth behind the game is that the daily the group of archers nearly about 20 archers gather at the ground during evening time between 4 pm to 5 pm and shoots at targets where the organizing committee inspects the targets to declare the results. Before firing the arrows to the target the bidders place the bid on the numbers. The placed bid grows to sometimes 70-80 times in the its value if the numbers gets matched of bidder and the target.

How to People’s growing Interest in Teer Game

This game has reached at highly profitable business for earning capital especially through the mode of internet.Due to its cheap bidding prices it is very affordable to the audience to watch and play gambling site by side which makes it highly attractive game with having fun and earning. The daily busy life of the globe made the people less attractive towards the athletics but thanks to the internet that made this game so popular nowadays also.

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Result = F/R = 95 | S/R = 30
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